DFW "Columnist" Has Clown Take, "Houston Sports Are Paying For Astros Sins"

Mac Engel. "Columnist" from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I say columnist because, while that may be his job title, his latest story or article or whatever the hell you want to call it, it feels like it's something that shouldn't be put out by an actual columnist.

So this guy, he decided he was going to put out a column over the weekend titled, "Karma Is Killing Houston Rockets And Texans For The Sins Of The Astros." It is worth nothing that this is an opinion piece that he put out. However, I don't understand how someone can have this s*** of an opinion as a columnist. Lets take a dive into said article shall we.

And, this is where we come to our first stop. That's the first couple lines of the column. Literally the first couple of lines. Just dive in head first dude. I'm sure you're thinking, "this is going to be a long article." Oh trust me, it gets worse. Let's continue.

Stop! Dude, you don't speak of Bum Phillips that way. That man is as much a legend here as Tom Landry is up there. I knew this before I even moved here! You don't see us saying anything about the man in the funny hat when the Cowboys continue to be terrible year after year. You keep Bum's name out of your mouth.


Stop! How exactly is James Harden acting the way he had for years before, how is that the Rockets "paying for the Astros sins"? Every team goes through a collapse of some sort. You should know Mac, you saw Mark Cuban first hand being cheap and dismantling a championship winning Mavericks squad. Yeah, you have Luka Doncic right now but how long until he wants out just like Harden did? I mean, lets be real Mac, Cuban doesn't have the best track record when it comes to keeping people (Dirk is the exception). Just ask your boy Kristaps Porzingis how its going so far.


STOP! This is the last stop on our tour. Because, what? What the f*** does this even mean? Mac, considering you went to and taught at TCU, you should know that the world does not work like that.

Houston is doing just fine dude. Dallas on the other hand, well, the Cowboys haven't done anything since '95. The Stars haven't done anything this century. And, neither have the Rangers, who also, still haven't won a World Series. The Astros have their title and, unlike the Mavericks, they didn't completely obliterate the team right after. They're still winning division titles while the Rangers continue to suck in that shiny new stadium. Yeah, to this day this Astros still have the ONLY World Series in Texas and the Rangers have arguably the biggest World Series choke job.

I mentioned earlier that these aren't clips from a column that was put out by a columnist. No. This was a column done by a complete dumbass who's clearly reaching at thin air in this article. Just throwing s*** at the wall and typing what sticks. Great job Mac. You look like as much of a clown as the Rangers do, as Mark Cuban does, and as Cowboy fans do.

Do me a favor next time you write about the Rangers. Look up those standings and see who's above you. Pucker up and kiss Houston's Ass...tros. Still 2017 champs. Still the only team in Texas with a World Series title.

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