Excuse Me Sir, What The Hell Is In That Bottle?!?

Have you ever smelled something so strong that you make an intense weird face right after smelling it? It could either be a bad smell or just something strong in general. Something so intense that it burns your nose hairs. Well, imagine that smell when you watch this video.

Sir, SIR, what is in that bottle?????

Is it a strong smelling tequila?

Maybe, it's a bad smelling piece of fish?

Is it possible that it's loads and loads of cocaine?

Could it be milk gone bad?

Is it the rotting smell of the Jaguars franchise?

Are we sure there is even a smell in there and he's not being attacked by a swarm of escaping invisible bees?

All things considered, it gave this man a serious wake up call. Reminds me of the time at my old radio gig when we were so tired, we cracked some smelling salts to wake up. That will hit you like a sack of bricks.

One final guess, was it Sex Panther cologne? It is illegal in nine countries and 60% of the time, it works, every time. It's also known to be very pungent, sting the nostrils, and smell like pure gasoline. Judging by the coache's reaction, that could be it. The world may never know.

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