The Mets Are So Bad, They Boo Their Own Fans

No, you indeed read that headline right. The New York Mets, the Yankees little brother, the team that hasn't won the World Series since 1986, 5 years before I was born, they are so bad, they boo their own fans.

How do they do it? Simple. They just do a "thumbs down" celebration. Apparently, they've been doing this for a couple games. However it really took off yesterday after Javy Baez did it after his home run.

"But, Tyler, you can't tell that he pointed the thumbs down from this angle." Well, yeah, you are correct. It's at this time that I would like to thank flash photography and the government's favorite technological feature, "zoom and enhance."

Well, that's clear as day right there. "But, Tyler, how do you know that those thumbs down is directed at the fans?" Funny you should ask. I know it's directed at the fans because Javy Baez said so.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breaths in* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh my god, he actually went there and said, "[The fans] got to be better." And, he brought his kid to the podium as a human shield because he knew he was about to get ripped. Here's an idea Javi, if you want the fans to be better, don't suck absolute ass. You or your teammates.

This honestly might bet the most Mets thing to ever happen. And, this is coming from the same team who pays Bobby Bonilla annually for telling him to go away back in the 90's. The same team whos own mascot was flipping off the fans a couple years ago.

This is the same team who, only weeks ago, had the owner calling his own team out on Twitter of all places.

By the way, that same owner tweeted this last night.

The whole situation is so bad that Mets President Sandy Alderson had to put out a statement THAT BACKS THE FANS BOOING THE TEAM.

I mean, I get it, the fans are your paying customers. But, just how bad do you have to be to side with and back the fans who are not only booing, but, probably shouting much worse things at the team? Just read the last part of the statement again.

"Mets fans are loyal, passionate, knowledgeable and more than willing to express themselves. We love them for every one of these qualities."

What a quote. I can guaranteed you that Mets fans will definitely be more than willing to express themselves like never before.

The Mets are the gift that keeps on giving year after year. The headlines prove it.

God bless the New York media. Never change Queens, New York. Never change Mets fans.

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