JuJu Does The Milk Crate Challenge.....Less Than 2 Weeks Before The Season

So we all agree that the milk crate challenge is dumb right? Super unsafe? That you wouldn't do it yourself? Don't get me wrong, as long as no one gets hurt, seeing people fall off is funny. But, there's no way in hell I would do the challenge.

There's also no way in hell any athlete should be doing this challenge either. Smart athletes at least. Especially ones whos professional season start less than two weeks from now. Then again, not all athletes are smart or have their priorities lined up.

JuJu Smith-Schuster, Wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's a guy who's young and I think, in a way, you can definitely say he's immature. This is the same guy who would be dancing on the logos of opposing teams during the pregame warmups and then post those dances to Tik Tok. His game suffered last season and defenders would hit Juju extra hard because of the level of disrespect he gave opposing teams by dancing on the logo. It got bad enough to the point that Steelers HC Mike Tomlin had to tell him to stop. And he did, but, it didn't help the end result of the season.

Now it seems that Mike Tomlin is going to have to talk to JuJu again because he doesn't seem to have his priorities straight. In a contract year especially, you would think that an athlete would do whatever they could do to stay healthy and have a strong season in order to max out a future contract. Judging by JuJu's latest stunt, he clearly could care less. The Steelers front office, coaching staff and fan base have every right to be upset. And, I for one can't blame them.

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