Bat Dog Gets Just A Tad Excited

Everyone loves dogs. I love dogs. You love dogs. Kids love dogs. Grandparents love dogs. They are just the best. If you disagree, that's no problem. You can just go over to the corner and sit there while I shame you.

Really though, dogs are just the absolute best. That includes on the baseball diamond. We've seen it at the college level and the minor league level. Teams have employed a couple of dogs to be their bat dog that fetches the bats from home plate. It's just the best thing to watch because it always just warms your heart. Unless you don't like dogs in which case, you have no soul.

So there's this bad dog from Trenton. His name is Rookie and he's the bat dog for the Trenton Thunder, the MLB Draft team. Well Rookie got called up and made his Minor League debut last night for the Buffalo Bison. He was full of energy and ready to roll. He just got rolling a little early.

I'm totally going to let this slide. He just got a little excited. I get it, it's a big deal to be called up in the Minor Leagues as you make your way to the majors. He probably just had nerves. Plus, he's just adorable and doing his job. He's just trying to be a very good boy. And, he is indeed, a very good boy.

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