This Is A PSA For Boston, Sox Fans And The Media: The Astros Are Your Daddy

So, I've finally had enough sleep and recovery from Game 6 to finally write this blog. What a glorious night it was for the Astros and the city of Houston.

What a glorious night it was for the haters as well. Boston. Red Sox fans. The media. All of them.

Let's go on a little bit of a recap, shall we?

Go back to Game 3. Eduardo Rodriguez was on a roll. He got Carlos Correa to ground out, then proceeded to do this.

Alex Cora was visibly upset at this. And, for good reason. He knew that the Astros were a sleeping giant and that the last thing you do is poke the giant when he's asleep.

And then, it happened.

Game 4. Astros win 9-2.

Game 5. Astros win 9-1.

Game 6. Astros win 5-0.

The Astros proceeded to score 23 runs in the next 3 games.

The Red Sox, 3.

Game 4 is were all the momentum turned. Top of the 8th Astros down 2-1. Jose Altuve hits a moonshot over the Green Monster. Game tied 2-2.

Fast forward to the top of the 9th. Runners on 1st and 2nd. 1 out. Jason Castro at the plate. Nathan Eovaldi on the mound. Then, this happened.

A couple pitches after that, Jason Castro hit a single to bring in Carlos Correa from second to give the Astros the lead. All the momentum switched from the Red Sox to the Astros.

But, all anyone could talk about, including the media, was the missed third strike.

Jeff Passan. Baseball nerd. Who, noticeably, brought up this missed strike, specifically, because it went against America's beloved Red Sox.

The man even wrote AN ENTIRE COLUMN ABOUT IT. I'm not even going to give a link out to the article because that dweeb doesn't deserve the clicks. But, here is a snippet of the article that he himself posted to his twitter.

Where's the columns on the other missed strike and ball calls during that game? WHERE ARE THEY JEFF?!?! Oh, that's right. Those calls against the Astros don't fit your narrative. They don't, do they Jeff? You weasel.

And then, there's the fans.

God, I hate Red Sox fans. I hate Boston fans in general. My own brother is a die hard Patriots fan and I can't stand him! Meanwhile I'm trying to find a gift for his birthday. But, that's neither here nor there.

Red Sox fans are the worst and they should all just burn in a fire. Except my buddy Alex, he's cool.

Everyone assumes the Astros cheat. It's the narrative at this point. Created by the media, one guy in particular (oh don't worry I'll get to that dumb**** in a bit), and fueled by moronic fans. Here are some of the best examples of Red Sox "fandom" that I could find.

Whistles. Sweat. Spy planes. Unknown fastball speeds. Witchcraft.

You name it, and Boston fans somehow tied it to the Astros cheating.

Hey guys, remember all those trash cans the Astros banged on in 2017? You can use those trash cans to put your sh*tty opinions in!

Seriously, you're all morons. Why?

That's why. You people are pathetic.

Never forget though how this all started though. I mean, yes. The Astros did use sign stealing. Even Astro fans will admit to it.

The buzzer theory however, that was disproven by MLB. They said they're was no proof. However that didn't stop that moronic dumbass Jomboy from pushing the buzzer theory. He pushed it so much that he ended up creating a baseball podcast that focuses around those dumbass Yankees and baseball in general. This dude has continued to push his hatred of the Astros and the narrative that they're cheating into the ground.


Jomboy, you can go shove it. You are the biggest snake, the biggest simp, the biggest disgrace in all of baseball. The fact that you would bash the fans, the team, the city and then put out a pure lie with absolutely no proof to back it up, and then turn that lie into a media network that you own. Dude, you are absolutely pathetic. PATHETIC.

Continue to do what you do America. Piss the Astros off. Accuse them of cheating. Fuel the fire.

They love it. They revel in it. They feed off of it.

They're going to win it all. And, there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

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