Texans rookie Brevin Jordan: ‘I want to finish out strong'

Brevin Jordan broke free on a crossing pattern. The tight end was left completely uncovered on a play-action pass as Texans rookie quarterback Davis Mills scrambled to draw the attention of the Seattle Seahawks’ defense.

Standing by himself in the corner of the end zone, Jordan hauled in the touchdown catch for his third score of the season.

The Texans rookie tight end’s 5-yard touchdown catch Sunday was a combination of his athleticism and his growing chemistry with Mills, who passed for 331 yards and the one score in a 33-13 loss at NRG Stadium.

“I had a crossing route and they didn’t cover me,” Jordan said. “The whole time I was pretty much open and then Davis found me late and we scored. That’s it.

“I think that’s the coaches just putting me in good positions and God blessing me with the athletic ability to go play football. I think I’m just getting put in positions to score and that’s credit to the coaches, the offensive line and everybody doing their jobs.”

A fifth-round draft pick from the University of Miami, Jordan is emerging as an improving young player who’s become a reliable threat in the Texans’ offense.

Although Jordan has only played in six games with two starts since supplanting Jordan Akins as the primary receiving tight end, he has 15 receptions for 113 yards and three scores.

He caught four passes for 26 yards and the one score on seven targets against the Seahawks. 

Jordan has been targeted 23 times this season and has seven first downs.

“I think it’s just me getting more comfortable,” Jordan said. “Getting more reps and just going out there and playing football. The first game, the speed of it, everything felt so fast. Now I am in my sixth game, I think, and everything is just slowing down. Being able to read coverages, see what the defensive line is going to do, so definitely being more comfortable.”

Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

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Mills passed for a career-high 331 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. He completed a franchise-record 14 passes in a row against Seattle.

“I think he played well,” Jordan said. “Obviously as a team we didn’t play well enough to win the game, but you know I think Davis played a good game. Us as a team, the players just need to come together and emphasize going into this week that we need to finish games. We can come out strong but if we don’t finish the game, we are going to have the same result going into next week.”

Jordan isn’t lobbying the coaching staff for more action. It’s happening within the natural flow of the offense.

“I mean, I am just a rookie,” Jordan said. “I’m just happy to even be playing right now. I am just enjoying my time and trying to grow every day. I’m not worried about getting the ball, I am worried about winning games and just improving myself daily.”

Jordan is part of a productive rookie class, including Mills, Jordan, wide receiver Nico Collins, linebacker Garret Wallow and defensive tackle Roy Lopez.

It feels cool,” Jordan said. “You know, we are just a bunch of rookies and we are just trying to get the respect of our teammates and our coaches and everybody in the city of Houston. For us to be playing and making an impact on the team, it feels real good for all of us.”

As the 2-11 Texans prepare for Sunday’s road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jordan is looking to improve in every facet. That means becoming a better route runner, blocker and runner after the catch.

“All aspects of my game, I want to finish out the year strong so next year the coaches can look at me and be like, ‘He’s a three down tight end,’ Jordan said. “I want to improve on blocking. I want to be able to show my YAC. I want to be able to win vertical routes, man to man coverage, winning zone, everything. I just want to be able to finish out the year strong.”

At 6-foot-3, 250 pounds, Jordan has run the 40-yard dash in 4.64 seconds. He wants to maintain his current size and keep getting stronger as he works with strength and conditioning coach Mike Eubanks and his staff.

“My weight right now is 250, so I’m not getting no heavier than that,” Jordan said. “As long as I’m in the NFL, I won’t be heavier than 250, but definitely getting stronger. coach Mike, his staff, that’s what they’re doing right now to the rookie class.

“We lift more than everybody, so it’s just a thing about getting bigger, getting stronger, continuing to grow, because as time passes I’m going to get a little older. I’m only 21 right now, I’m a little baby. But as time passes, God bless me to have a long career. I’ve got to be able to be strong and hold my ground.”

Off the field, Thompson credited Texans director of team development for his assistance in transitioning to the NFL. Thompson is a former record-setting quarterback at South Carolina who played for the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams.

Thompson joined the Texans during the offseason after previously working for the Detroit Lions as a character coach and a director of team development at Charleston Southern. Thompson worked with Texans executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby with The Greatest Champion after playing at South Carolina.

“That’s my guy, Dylan Thompson,” Jordan said. “We always have meetings with him. He’s always just making sure we’re good. But even aside Dylan just doing his job, he’s more so like a figure for us. We really look up to Dylan. He helps us out with a lot. 

“He always makes sure we’re good emotionally, physically, mentally, everything. His job is huge, and it’s definitely helped me keep a positive mindset. His job is just to be there for us, and he does a tremendous job at it."

Seattle Seahawks v Houston Texans

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