Washington Has A New Team Name And Some Hideous New Jerseys To Go With It

Oh Washington. Always so full of dysfunction from top to bottom.

Later this morning, the Washington Football Team is set to announce their new team name and, potentially, their new jerseys. Well, not one, but BOTH got leaked last night on twitter.

Let's take a dive into both. First, the new team name.

The name? It's....it's okay I guess. I mean it's not the best name. Certainly not the worst. It doesn't keep in the "red" part that I was hoping for with the team's previous name but that's fine. The name is fine. I'll give it a 6/10.

The jerseys on the other hand...

Good God, what in the hell is that??

Let's take a closer look.

Let me say this, the red jerseys, those are okay in my opinion. It keeps the same colors as the previous jerseys which is nice. I'm just not a fan of it saying "Commanders" right across the chest. It gives off a high school vibe that should stay in high school. I'll give these a 6/10.

Next the white jersey.

This is a mess. Just pick one solid color! Why does the number have to be a mix of red and white?!? It's ugly! The sleeves look like they were borrowed from the Florida State Seminoles! This is a 2/10.

Lastly, the black jerseys.

Why is there military camo on the collar and sleeves? This is football, not the Army. I get that your name is the Commanders and it has a military presence but still. The patches on the sleeves, not a fan. The breathable holes in the numbers, not a fan. I'm not a fan of the line in the middle of the number either. Also, Washington has never had a black jersey in their entire history so why they decided to do one now, I have no idea. These are better than the white jerseys at least, but not by much. These are a 3/10.

Pray for the Washington Commanders. They're already starting off on the wrong foot.

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