Source: Texans sign Eric Murray to two-year, $10 million max value contract

The Texans have signed veteran safety Eric Murray to a two-year, $10 million maximum value contract extension, according to a league source.

Murray, 28, was scheduled to make $5 million this season previously with a $6.985 million salary cap figure.

Signed to a three-year, $20.25 million contract last year that includes $10.75 million guaranteed, Murray regained his starting job last season. 

It's been a goal of the Texans to extend Murray's deal this offseason, and now they've gotten that done. 

Murray had 76 tackles and one interception last season in 16 games and 11 starts. A year ago, Murray had 71 tackles in 14 starts while allowing six touchdown passes and an opposing passer rating of 134.5.

The Texans are primarily a zone-coverage defense. A former cornerback with the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns from the University of Minnesota, Murray has more of a background in man-to-man schemes.

Murray said he’s adapting to seeing the game in Lovie Smith’s vision.

“It’s giving me a lot of perspective, just being up there, meeting with Lovie, just seeing the game in a different way,” Murray said. “I think before I was so man-focused, like if it was a zone, somebody’s man is in my zone, so I’m focused on a man. But the quarterback will tell you everything you need to know, and I think that’s been the difference.”

“He tries to tell us that the quarterback is going to give you the picture. Yeah, you want to have your tendencies and your formations, but at the end of the day, they can do anything they want. So, be loyal to your keys, read your keys and then read the quarterback.”

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans

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