VIDEO: Pitcher ABSOLUTELY LEVELS Batter Rounding Third After A Home Run

We live in a day and age where hitters in baseball will mash a homer and then celebrate in a way they can while the ball they hit flies to the moon. It's fun, it's exciting, most fans love it and it's great for the sport.

However, some pitchers absolutely hate it. I understand why. You just threw a meatball down the plate and now its gone for 400+ feet. You feel shame and embarrassment for letting up such a massive homer like that. Most pitchers just try to shrug it off, get back on their feet and go back to dealing. This pitcher for Weatherford College in Texas however, well, he wasn't having it.

I honestly have no words for this. I don't care if you let up a homer that hit your car's windshield in the parking lot, there is no excuse in hell for a response like this. This pitcher is going to get a massive suspension assuming he doesn't get kicked off the team. Deservedly so. It's never that serious. Shrug it off my man. Get back up and move on.

Good luck to this pitcher on his future endeavors.

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