New app hooks up fishing lovers for dates

A new app called Find Fishing Dates says it connects people who love casting a line and other outdoor pursuits.

The app developer says people looking for love or just someone to share their hobby can hook up through its huge nationwide database. In addition to lovers of fishing, it includes scuba divers, surfers, paddleboarders, swimmers, boaters, and others who simply like the outdoors.


CEO Angelika Adams says, "There has been a lot of chatter online for many years about how hard it can be to find love when people don't necessarily want to go on a conventional date but would much rather grab their fishing rods and head outside. So, we thought it was only natural to create Find Fishing Dates for people to meet a partner, a future spouse, or some new fishing buddies!"

Users can create a free profile, with no credit card required, and the app's algorithm is designed to connect them with their perfect match. English and Spanish versions are available, and people of any gender or sexual orientation can join.

The site also features a blog through which people can get tips about rural dating and find ideas for romantic outdoor dates – from watching the sunset on a beach to scuba diving and mountain bike rides.

The app is available for Android and Apple devices at

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