Connor: The Time Is Right For The Astros To Extend Kyle Tucker

The Astros banked on Kyle Tucker turning into a dude for a very long time and their faith in his talents has paid off over the last three years. Part of the Astros core now and for the future, the time is right for the Astros to get something done with him, keeping him in Houston even longer than he is already scheduled to be. Yesterday afternoon, Chandler Rome had the report on the talks that he and the team have had recently.

There is no rush for either side in all honesty to do anything. The Astros can have him under control for very affordable numbers given his level of production for each of the next three years after this season wraps up. For Tucker, the longer he goes producing at high levels, the more his value goes up on the open market as he continues to get close to it. But for Tucker and the Astros, doing something now would be beneficial for both sides. Guarantee yourself more money in the now, while the club guarantees themselves a few extra years of your services. I think the further we move along in this arbitration and club control world, the more we will see players sign deals to avoid it all. Why not get yourself life changing money now, with the chance to get more later down the road? It just makes too much sense.

For the Astros, getting this out of the way now would be the smartest thing they can do. Looking back they probably wish they pushed harder on some of the players that they ended up letting go. With the farm system not being as deep as it once was, locking in a huge piece of your core now, gives you stability that you don't have to look for his replacement anytime soon.

The Astros window to win is open for years to come with Kyle Tucker on the roster. Locking him up now (AND YORDAN ALVAREZ TOO WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!!!) is the smartest thing that the franchise could do.

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