Anthem singer loses NCAA gig after flashing ‘Horns Down’

Displaying a "Horns Down" hand gesture has cost a national anthem singer his job.

Zac Collier, a Texas A&M alumnus and an anthem singer for some 10 years, was scheduled to perform at the upcoming Men’s College World Series. But Collier, a 27-year-old U.S. history teacher, lost the gig because he flashed a "Horns Down" sign after singing the anthem just before the Texas-Oklahoma State game at the Women’s College World Series.

He acknowledged his display might have upset some people, but he disagreed with the NCAA’s characterization of "unsportsmanlike."

“Due to the behavior shown after your performance at the Women’s College World Series, we need to go a different direction,” the NCAA wrote in an email to Collier, which he posted on Facebook. “You are no longer scheduled to perform Game 9 of the Men’s College World Series.”

Collier told ESPN he feels "Horns Down" to be part of college sports. “I’m an Aggie. Texas was playing.” Collier explained. “I was going to give them a "Go Pokes" and then a "Horns Down" after the anthem. And that’s exactly what I did."

Collier said he posted the NCAA letter to him online "because they called the Horns Down an offensive gesture. They said I mocked the other team." He called the admonishment "ridiculous.”

Collier has sung the anthem for the Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Dallas Wings and plenty of other teams over the last decade.

His ultimate goal is to sing at Kyle Field before a certain Texas A&M football game.

Photo: Creative Commons

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