The WNBA Has One Of The Worst (And Smallest) Trophies Of All Time

Have you ever won a trophy for being the best? The best team, the best player, the champions, all of those things deserve trophies. Those trophies are also really big. Some of them, even, really tall as well. If you ever got second or third place, your trophy was most likely much smaller, but still, very much noticeable.

So picture this, you're playing in an All-Star game. You dominate that game. So much so, that you are awarded the All-Star game MVP trophy. You take your place at center court with the person handing out the trophy. You smile, wave, open up your hands to receive the trophy and...

2022 AT&T WNBA All-Star Game

Photo: Getty Images

What the hell is that tiny ass thing??? The basketball is bigger than that trophy!!!

I know that WNBA players don't make nearly as much as NBA players. I get it. It's a league revenue problem (among other things). But, you can't tell me that they couldn't spring for a trophy that, at the bare minimum, was a little bit bigger.

For reference, Steph Curry won the NBA All-Star MVP and this was the trophy he took home.

2022 NBA All-Star Game

Photo: Getty Images

That's a trophy! Not this wimpy WNBA trophy that I could find in the bottom of a cereal box.

In typical fashion, the trophy got absolutely roasted on twitter once people saw it.

Meanwhile the NBA is giving out Super Bowl type rings for their Summer League Champions.

Again, these are rings FOR SUMMER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS. These are teams that are made of rookies, guys in their sophomore seasons and two-way players! They get these rings that are easily worth more, and, maybe, even weigh more than the WNBA All-Star trophy. I'm pretty sure my Hydro Flask is bigger than that.

Do better WNBA. It's no wonder everyone makes fun of you.

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