Will This Be Justin Verlander’s Last Regular Season Start With Astros?

At this point of his career it is likely that Justin Verlander will be entering free agency almost every winter for as long as he wants to keep playing. So with that being said, there is of course a possibility that tonight will be his last regular season start with the Astros, although I would be surprised if it is.

Relationships matter and I do believe the one he has with Jim Crane will once again weigh heavily here. This past winter Crane stepped up and made sure to give Justin his best offer and I would be shocked if he does not do that once again. The question becomes how much more money does he get this winter compared to last year. It’s safe to say that the increase will be by at least ten million dollars.

Verlander has returned from Tommy John in stunning fashion, the odds on favorite to win the Cy Young. He has done nothing but dazzle in his time in Houston and if tonight is the final regular season start he makes here, it has been one helluva run.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Houston Astros

Photo: Getty Images

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