A Thank You Letter To Justin Verlander

Dear Justin Verlander,

Thank you for an incredible run. Thank you for years of memories. Thank you for writing a large chapter of your career in the city we love.

Back in 2017, the Astros needed you in the worst way. As the clock nearly struck midnight, you said yes to a city you knew nothing about. You said yes to a city that was struggling as it recovered from a horrific hurricane. Your addition sparked life back into a struggling club that August and energized the city even more. You were everything the Astros needed, from the moment you got here, to the moment you moved on.

We watched you bring yourself back to life as a big leaguer and possibly have your best stretch of pitching of your career. You rewarded us with two Cy Young Awards and two World Series titles. Watching you come back from Tommy John the way you did was as impressive as it gets. Simply put, it will not be the same not seeing you take the mound in Houston every five days.

Life changes and so do the needs that teams have. The Astros no longer needed you as much as they did back on that August night in 2017 and that is okay. You gave us all the memories we could ever hope for. We all look forward to the debate of which cap you will wear into the Hall of Fame.

So one last time, thank you, Justin Verlander. We'll see you down the road.

Your Friends,

Astros Fans

Houston Astros World Series Parade

Photo: Getty Images

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