With NBA trade season here, what should the Rockets do?

Thursday is December 15, and each year, that date is the unofficial kickoff to NBA trade season. Specifically, it’s because that’s when most players who signed new contracts during the previous offseason become trade eligible, and it opens up many more trade possibilities, since each team has a much easier path to meeting salary matching rules.

So, what does that mean for the Houston Rockets and third-year general manager Rafael Stone? It may not necessarily mean too much, since they likely won’t want to jeopardize the significant salary cap room they’re currently in line to receive by the 2023 offseason.

Even so, there are some situations that could need resolving, as evidenced by recent reports addressing Eric Gordon and KJ Martin. With that in mind, Thursday’s episode of The Lager Line (sponsored by Clutch City Lager of Karbach Brewing) explores the likely outcomes and what the path forward should be for Stone and the Rockets.

The show also features reaction to Houston’s recent upturn in play and its five-game home winning streak, along with insight on how fans should balance those short-term improvements versus any potential detriment to their 2023 NBA draft lottery odds. Tune in!

Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets

Photo: Getty Images

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