Doug Pike

Doug Pike

The Doug Pike Show airs 7-10 a.m. Saturdays and 8-10 a.m. Sundays SportsTalk790. Doug has hosted the show for 20 years, covering the great outdoors...Full Bio

The Doug Pike Show 7-20-2024

Show Schedule Change

Today, Doug Pike interviews Skeeter Braun of Braun's Roofing about your roofing needs.  Also, the Friday show will be moved to Monday.  

The Institute for Spirituality and Health

Today, Doug Pike interviews Aproteem Choudhury about the Institute for Spirituality and Health.

An Active Lifestyle

Today, Doug Pike interviews physical therapist Chris Gallina about active aging.

Chipped Windshields

Today, Doug Pike discusses Centerpoint, chipped windshields, and tightening jar lids.  

The Doug Pike Show 7-14-2024 Fishing rods and line

In this episode Doug talks about rods weights. He gives advice on which rod is best for Bass fishing and Saltwater fishing. Should you have a different rod for every type of fish? You have to listnen to find out. Doug goes all-in on this subject.  Also, Doug discusses the only 2 type of lines you will need when fishing and their differences. Do you know what is required for you to fish? Listen to the show to find out. Its the some simple little things that we overlook. Plus, Doug shares how his golf swing has changed over the years and the technique that has kept him in the game.

The Doug Pike Show 7-13-2024

In this episode Doug talks about the power outage and some special Fortbend issues. Centerpoint and the politics behind the union help coming to Texas aid after the hurricane.  Doug and callers comment on cell phone, internet, and satellite interruptions that the city of Houston and surrounding areas are facing now. Get fly fishing tips from Doug if your a beginner. Learn about premade leaders and the differect weights of poles and how it will effects your fishing style. Doug talks about how Quail hunting is being displaced due to rual development. What if you could chase your dream for 4-6 weeks and could fish anywhere. Where would you go? See what some of the callers say they would go.  Also, boating ramp updates in the Galvestion and the greater Houston area.

Praying For AC

Snake Guy

Today, Doug Pike discusses the power outage across Houston, snakes, and laundry.

Power for many still out

Today, Doug Pike discusses Centerpoint, arctic squirrels, and Sacramento.