Doug Pike

Doug Pike

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The Doug Pike Show 9-24-2023

The Doug Pike Show 9-23-2023

Doug talks hunting, fishing, and golf with callers, and a few callers swap stories with Doug about funny shenanigans on the golf course.

Cats & Cataracts

Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Gionconda Mojica about cataracts, and debates cat ownership.


Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Christina Murdock about sundowning.

Airplane Meal Temper Tantrum

Today, Doug Pike discusses grounding a flight due to an upset passenger, suing a hospital, and the PGA of America tournament.

Doug gets stuck in an Elevator

Today, Doug Pike discusses elevators, Matthew McConaughey, and saving people from drowning.

The Doug Pike Show 9-17-2023

Doug talks his usual with callers, and gives updates on the PGA tour in Nappa Valley. A caller asks the audiemce for a good place to look at some kayaks, and Doug's friend Jenn MacNaughton of Champion Outdoors calls in to give him some professional advice. Doug talks about his photography days and his friend and photographer Scott Null calls in to tell as story about photographing grizzly bears in Alaska.

The Doug Pike Show 9-16-2023

Doug talks hunting, fishing, and golf as usual, and he also interviews Anthony Youmans, Director of Education at Mudhole Custom Tackle, who is leading a program to teach kids to make fishing rods, and Gil Ash of OSP shooting school and American Shooting Centers. The show ends a half hour early to make room for KBME's coverage of the LSU game.

Protect your Pets from Coyotes

Today, Doug Pike discusses protecting your pets from coyotes.

Doug and Randalls Supermarket

Today, Doug Pike discusses his recent experience at Randalls. ( Show from 9/14/2023 )