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Rob Parker Calls on Gregg Popovich to Quit Coaching and Retire

Rob Parker on Pistons coach Monty Williams' tirade on NBA officials after a controversial no-call at the end of Monday’s Pistons game vs. the Knicks: “He has a right to be upset, but I wish he was upset and fired up like this when they lost 28 in a row! WHERE WAS THIS FIRE WHEN THEY LOST 28 IN A ROW?? I DIDN’T EVEN HEAR HIM! DID YOU HEAR THIS FIRE WHEN THEY LOST 28 IN A ROW! THERE WAS NOTHING! It’s easy to blame the refs, they blew the call, but where was this when his team was going through NBA hell?? It’s embarrassing, and he’s the highest-paid coach in NBA history!
I’m gonna say this... At the end of the year, if Monty wanted to do the right thing, I got the solution for the Pistons... MONTY WILLIAMS SHOULD STEP DOWN AS COACH AND VOID OUT THE REST OF THE YEARS OF HIS CONTRACT. For what they have and what’s happened and transpired this year, that would be the noble thing to do – to say ‘MY BAD, YOU PAID ME FOR THIS YEAR, IT WAS A DISASTER, HERE’S YOUR MONEY BACK FOR THE UPCOMING YEARS!’ 
And I got a better one for you... He [Monty Williams] shouldn’t be the only coach who does it. GREGG POPOVICH SHOULD DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING! NO MAS! RETIRE! He just signed a contract extension! Do a self-void-out of the contract! Say to the Spurs and the fan base, ‘NO MAS! I’M SORRY! MY BAD! I’M DONE!’ 
How do you get a generational talent in Wemby and you’re worse than you were before he came there? Name me another great player who lost EIGHTEEN GAMES IN A ROW AT ANY LEVEL?? Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan never lost 18 games at any level! He [Wemby] can’t win a game on his own??
At some point, you gotta move on. Monty left Phoenix because things didn’t work out. Why did they get rid of Monty Williams, he took them to the NBA Finals?? There was something there that they didn’t want anymore. You move on from people. Doc Rivers has bounced around like a ping-pong ball the last five or six years despite getting to the playoffs. 
These guys have huge contracts [Monty Williams and Gregg Popovich] and have got nothing done. The Raiders fired Josh McDaniels with four years left on his contract. Who gets fired with FOUR years left on his contract?? NOBODY, but they knew they weren’t going anywhere with that guy and they had to get rid of him. If Monty didn’t have the highest contract of any NBA coach he would have been fired, so the only reason you’re holding onto him is because of this money. That’s why I’m saying Monty and Pop should do the noble thing and just void out their contract and walk away. You should never ever keep a coach or refuse to fire them based on how much money they’re making. It’s bad for your organization. I’d ask him to void out his contract and walk away! People quit in life! You think I’m kidding, I’m dead serious. Sometimes you got to just say ‘this is a bad fit, it was a mistake.’” 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple demand that San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, and Detroit Pistons coach Monty Williams step down as coaches immediately, saying the pair of men coaching the NBA’s two worst teams should void their contracts and retire from coaching. 

Check out the rant above as Parker calls on both men to step down, saying Popovich and Williams should have enough decency to simply admit their defeat, and cancel their troublesome deals immediately.

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