Deshaun Watson Looking to Prove the Texans Were Right About Him

Houston - The Houston Texans are heading to the playoffs after an impressive regular season run. That run saw the team go from 0-3 to 11-5 and claim the AFC South Championship. Set to host a wildcard round game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday at NRG Stadium, there is an anticipation for this Texans team. That anticipation comes from the life that Deshaun Watson has infused into the franchise since he was drafted in 2017.

In only his second season in the NFL, Watson has been impressive, throwing for 4,165 yards, completing 68.3% of his passes, with 31 total touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. The Texans offense and team are built off of the talented young quarterback who has given the franchise new life and has opened everyone in the organization up to the possibility of new heights to reach.

“The energy and the pace is built off me, everyone is looking at me on offense,” Watson said of his impact on the Texans.

The recent play of Watson has kept the Texans in games and, even in the team's five losses this season, those losses have all resulted in one-possession outcomes. Watson’s ability to both stay calm and make plays when needed have been big reasons for the Texans turnaround in 2018.

“Take it one play at a time, don’t make it bigger than what it is, don’t make it any less than what it is,” Watson said of handling the the game. “Kinda keep that balance, keep in neutral, keep it in the middle and just go out there and prove every play is going to be successful.”

Built for moments like these, Watson knows that the game of football is his escape. It is where he is most comfortable and where he leans on coaches, teammates, and family, wanting to prove them right with their faith in him as a quarterback.

“I am always thinking positive,” Watson “I never want any negative energy around me. I guess you can say my previous experiences through out my life built me for moments like this. At the end of the day as coach has always told me, it is just football. It is real stuff that is going on outside that football field. At the end of the day it is just football, what you have been doing your whole life.”

Watson has been one of the most decorated college players to arrive to the NFL when the Texans drafted him out of Clemson. Facing a totally different situation in the NFL playoffs, with it being his first experience, he is ready to lead his teammates on Saturday against the Colts.

“I have been dreaming for moments like this and the time is here now.”

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