The Best Big Man Touchdown Ever...That Didn't Count

My eyes have seen the glory.

My sweet Jesus. What a beautiful touchdown. And, it was done by the offensive lineman. The biggest of the hogs. The best of the big boys. Just look at this play in all of its wonder.

Let's slow it down a bit.

Now freeze that!

Such poise. Such grace. Such beauty.

Put it all together and what do you have? A glorious big man touchdown.

I have never been more blessed to see...I'm sorry what's that?? It didn't count?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DIDN'T COUNT?!? INELIGIBLE RECEIVER DOWN FIELD?!? OH GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

I swear, the NFL can't let us have any fun. It doesn't matter. It counts in my book and that's all that matters.

Someone get me this mans jersey for Christmas, please and thank you.

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