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Fill In The Blank: Carlos Beltran Is A Pandering...

Like the title says, fill in the blank. Carlos Beltran is a pandering ____.

I'm sure most have you heard the Carlos Beltran clips of him saying the Astros 2017 title is tainted. In case you missed it, here's the clips.

Hahahahahahahaha *breathes in* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dude, seriously. You just sold your soul to the Yankees and turned your back on your former teammates and the fans in Houston. But hey, loyalty doesn't matter to you Carlos.

So, let me ask you this first off. If you think that Astros title is tainted, are you going to return that 2017 World Series championship ring on your finger? No? THEN SHUT THE HELL UP!

Second, why are you lying Carlos?

Why, only five years later, are you now saying that the Astros crossed the line? You didn't believe it then and I guarantee you only "feel" that way now because of your new job.

Why are you saying nobody stopped you guys from cheating? It has been well documented that AJ Hinch, your former manager, destroyed the monitors repeatedly to keep the team from cheating. And, yet the system was always put back in place. The same system that you helped bring into Houston in the first place. Did you forget about that Carlos? Is that old age affecting your memory already?

Everyone can see what you're doing Carlos. You're pandering to the Yankee faithful so you can be accepted by them with your new Yes! Network gig. You sold your soul to the Yankees, the only thing worse than Satan himself. You're pathetic, you're a loser, and you're almost as bad as that rat bastard Mike Fiers.

So now it's time for my fill in the blank answer. Carlos Beltran is a pandering little bitch who can’t see his way out of his own lies because his head stuck up his own ass.

This is why I say this, believe it, and will always continue to say it. Never trust the bald.

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