Chris Gordy

Chris Gordy

Chris Gordy co-hosts “Next Up” alongside Stan Norfleet, and hosts many of the pre/postgame shows for the Houston Astros & Houston Rockets games.Full Bio


Hear Astros vs Cardinals Afternoon Baseball on SportsTalk790!

There are plenty of ways to listen to today's game between your Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals.

You can listen on any radio tuned to 790AM or 94.5-2 on an HD radio, or stream for free in the city of Houston on the iHeartRadio app.

If you are in Houston and get a "blacked out" message on your iHeartRadio app, you just need to adjust your app settings. In the iHeart app, press the gear button in the top left of the screen, scroll down to "Location", and make sure your Location Services are turned on, and that your Zip Code is correct.

Plenty of ways to catch the action: 


📻94.5-2 HD


St. Louis Cardinals v Houston Astros

Photo: Logan Riely / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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