Michael Connor: The Astros Insider

Michael Connor: The Astros Insider

Michael Connor grew up listening to Houston's SportsTalk 790 and always dreamed of being on the mic one day talking about the teams. A fifth...Full Bio

Astros Offseason Talk, Coaches Back, Verlander Replacements, Options at 1B & OF

Justin Verlander Cy Young Conference Call

Astros Enter the Offseason After Winning the 2022 World Series

Michael Connor and Chris Gordy discuss the aftermath of the Houston Astros winning the 2022 World Series as they now enter the offseason. What do they do with GM James Click? What do they do with Justin Verlander? What other free agents should they look at? We discuss it all on the Crawford Boxcast, presented by Karbach Brewing and the Crawford Bock.

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Dusty and LMJ 11-5-22

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