Yahoo Report Says CP3 Wants Out of Houston, But Is It True?

A Yahoo Sports report was released Tuesday saying Rockets point guard Chris Paul wants out of Houston, and his relationship with star James Harden is "unsalvageable."

While there has been no confirmation of the report from Paul, one has to wonder if this was going on all year long, and Paul and Harden indeed didn't speak to one another, why is this just coming out now? There were multiple times throughout the season that Paul celebrated with Harden or hung out with him off the court. Why is this just now being released after the Rockets season came to end? Is this a power play from Paul's camp to get him out?

Keep in mind, Paul has three years remaining on his current contract, which will pay him $38, $41 & $44 million each over the next three seasons. So it's understandable to question the oddity of the demand and the validity of the report.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

Update: CP3 has responded to the report on Instagram:

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